What CBD is Right for Me? Tips for Choosing the Right CBD

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What CBD is right for me? If you’re interested in trying CBD, finding the right product can be daunting. After all, there are countless options available, so how do you find the right fit for your needs? See some tips below to answer the question, what CBD is right for me?

Questions to Ask Yourself to Discover What CBD is Right For Me

Before digging into some popular CBD products, ask yourself these questions to find out “which CBD is right for me?”

  • Do I want something tasty? Consider CBD gummies.
  • Do I want something discreet and portable?? Try out CBD vape pens.
  • Is there a specific body part that needs relief?? CBD lotions are the perfect solution.
  • Do I want something easy to take with morning vitamins? CBD pills make this easy.
  • Is the CBD product for a four-legged friend? Shop CBD for pets.
  • Want fast-acting results? CBD drops allow for sublingual consumption, for quick results.
  • Looking for a way to relax after a long day?? CBD bath bombs are a fun and easy way to chill after work.

These are just a few questions you should ask yourself to determine what CBD is right for me.

Now that you have a better idea of the benefits of each type of CBD, check out some top products within each category below:

What CBD is right for me?

Our Favorite CBD Drops

Would you prefer a CBD product that melts on the tongue and is easy to put in another item you consume, like your morning coffee or bread you bake? Then CBD drops are an excellent solution for you. Whether you’re planning to drop a few on your tongue every morning or want to dissolve them in something you consume, here are our favorite CBD drops available in our store.

  • 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil: If you want something simple with powerful results, you can’t go wrong with this product. No frills or flavors, this 500 mg CBD oil will get straight to the job for you.
  • Avocado Tincture: Naturally flavored from organic, virgin avocado oil, this is a great option to cook with or drop straight out of the bottle.
  • Chill Mint: Need something to help you relax fast? The 500 mg of CBD in this oil paired with refreshing mint flavor will do the trick.
  • Receptra Serious Rest 25mg Tincture: This product with 25mg CBD is easy to drop below your tongue or dissolve into a glass of water before bedtime.

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Our Favorite CBD Edibles

If you’re hoping to find a CBD product that is fun and delicious, CBD edibles should be the product you purchase. Whether you prefer a candy-like gummy or just want to drink CBD like you drink water (literally).

Our Favorite CBD Pills

If you don’t care about taste and just want something easy, CBD pills are the best option. CBD capsules come in a variety of potencies and types. They’re also as easy to consume as your other medications or vitamins. Here are some favorite options.

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil Softgels – 900mg: Did you know that soft gels have a higher absorption rate than regular tablets and capsules? Try this if you need a CBD product that will get you feeling relaxed as soon as possible.
  • Receptra Seriously Relax 25mg Capsules: Having a stressful day?? These relaxing capsules come with 25 mg of CBD for quick, calming relief.
  • Receptra Serious Rest 25mg Capsules: If you struggle to fall asleep and stay sleeping throughout the night, these capsules can help. 25 mg of CBD packed inside will help you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

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Our Favorite CBD Topicals

If you’re less interested in consuming and more interested in applying, CBD topicals are a fun solution to explore. From body lotions to bath bombs, CBD topicals can boost your self-care routine and nip any pain in the bud. Here are some great options to build into your routine.

  • CBD Living Lavender Bath Bomb: Do you love taking relaxing baths? Then add something to help you relax even more. This bath bomb has 100 MG of CBD packed inside.
  • 200mg Sinus Aromatherapy: Do you believe in the power of aromatherapy? You’ll love this product. Along with the benefits of CBD oil, you’ll also get the soothing smells of lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, thyme, lemon, and sage.
  • Receptra Serious Relief Targeted Topical Stick: Grab this product if you have specific pain locations you’re hoping to target with CBD. It’s as easy as applying directly to your sensitive spots so you’ll be feeling better in no time.
  • CBD Body Butter Skincare 600mg Natural: Struggling with dry skin? Grab this smooth and soft butter body that will have your skin glowing and your days much more relaxing, thanks to the 600mg of CBD.

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Explore for Yourself to Find, “What CBD Is Right For Me?”

Want to keep exploring CBD products? There are plenty of CBD options available through Leafz. Whether you’re looking for a CBD product that is tastier than swallowing a pill or something that you can smoke, we’ve got the perfect CBD for any shopper, no matter their tastes or budget.

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