CBD and Sleep: The Ultimate Guide to CBD Sleep Products

cbd sleep products

CBD sleep products are some of the most popular uses for hemp in a daily routine. Many people find CBD (also known as Cannabidiol) and sleep to be an amazing combination, because it relaxes the body and the mind. Luckily, since CBD became accessible to the United States, more people than ever are able to try CBD and reap the benefits for their sleep. If you are interested in experiencing the power of CBD and sleep, check out some of the benefits below, and consider adding some CBD sleep products to your nighttime routine.

CBD and Sleep: How Sleep is Impacted by Hemp

When it comes to CBD and sleep, there are a few factors that come into play. Research shows that when ingested, Cannabidiol may interact with receptors in the body that also interact with the body’s sleep and wake cycle. CBD has also been linked to decreasing anxiety in individuals. Because loss of sleep and rumination are common symptoms of anxiety – naturally treating that anxiety response often leads to a better night’s sleep for those with mild symptoms.

In fact, a study published in the Permanente Journal analyzed 72 adults with anxiety or poor sleep – giving most of them 25 milligrams of CBD per day in capsule form. They then gathered data on their anxiety symptoms and sleep scores. The research found that most patients who consumed CBD experienced significant improvements to both anxiety and sleep – decreasing anxiety in 57 patients in the first month and improving sleep scores with 48 patients. This points to a promising future for CBD as a natural treatment for both anxiety and poor sleep (both individually, and for their overlapping symptoms).

Other Benefits of CBD and Sleep

There are some other benefits of CBD include treatment of chronic pain, which can be a common cause of sleep loss. This is because Cannabidiol acts as an anti-inflammatory – and inflammation is often the culprit of pains and aches. Individuals who take a high-quality CBD before bed can often experience a much better night’s sleep because they have less inflammation in the body, therefore less pain, and less disruptions to their shut eye.

cbd and sleep

Top Five CBD Sleep Products

Luckily, there are many different CBD sleep product to choose from – and it can be taken numerous different ways. Now, people can try hemp oil, tinctures, edibles, topicals and beyond. If you are interested in finding a great CBD product for sleep, consider one of these highly recommended items.

Receptra Serious Rest Tincture

The Receptra Serious Rest 25 mg Tincture is one of the most popular CBD sleep products. Designed specifically for relaxing the mind and body for a better night’s sleep, this CBD is combined with MCT oil, linalool and hints of valerian root. Linalool is one of the most well-known sleep-inducing terpenes. It also comes in great flavors like vanilla and peppermint so you can blend it into a cup of tea or keep it on your nightstand for use as needed.

Buzzn’ Chill Mint Tincture

The Buzzn’ Chill Mint tincture has the word “chill” in the name – and that’s exactly what it does. Great for unwinding after work and relaxing before bed, this tincture tastes so good it can be added to a dessert like ice cream for a fun flavor and sleep-enhancing benefits. This tincture includes a broad spectrum, PCR hemp oil. Sleep is extremely regenerative for the body, and CBD is also believed to provide neuroprotection to the brain. This CBD, combined with a good night’s sleep will have you waking up feeling great. Learn: How to use CBD tinctures.

CBD Living Syrup

CBD Living Syrup PM Cherry is an easy-to-dose Cannabidiol edible that can be taken before going to sleep. With a tasty cherry flavor, this edible comes with 15 milligrams of nano hemp extract and two milligrams of melatonin. Melatonin – a hormone produced by the brain that aides the circadian rhythm and internal clock – which directly correlates with the body readiness for sleep. That makes this syrup the perfect pre-bedtime ritual, not only calming the mind with all-natural hemp, but also prepping the brain for a great night’s sleep with a dose of melatonin. Learn: how do CBD edibles work?

CBD Pain Balm Cooling Menthol

Chronic pain can be a major impediment on sleep. Fortunately, one of the most popular uses for CBD is pain relief. Many people who don’t want to ingest CBD choose to use it topically for ache and pain treatment in the body. With less inflammation, there is nothing distracting you from a great night’s sleep. That is why we recommend the CBD Pain Balm Cooling Menthol. With the addition of hemp seed oil and shea butter, this balm provides added moisturizing properties, which are also a great addition to your pre-sleep routine, keeping your skin well hydrated.

Full Spectrum CBD Oil Blueberry Vape

One of the other popular ways to take CBD products for sleep is using a vape. For those interested in trying this CBD method, try the Full-Spectrum CBD Oil Blueberry Vape. This high-quality, full-spectrum CBD vape not only delivers fast relief and near-instant relaxation – but also has a great fruit flavor. It is the best CBD prefilled cartridge available through Leafz and comes with a solvent-free blueberry flavor terpene. It is a pure, full-spectrum CBD with a highly-effective terpene blend – free of additives, pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents. Learn: How to choose the best CBD vape pens.

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Incorporating CBD Sleep Products into Your Routine

With so many kinds of CBD sleep products, it is easy to incorporate it into a nighttime routine. If you are new to CBD, try a few different kinds of products and consumption methods – so you can figure out the type of CBD that works best for your body and routine.

CBD is not just for sleep though – many people utilize it for alertness and focus throughout the day. If you are more interested in trying CBD for these purposes, take a look at our guide to CBD daily products for a CBD morning routine.

There are some important factors to consider when purchasing CBD. One is the brand – not all undergo testing or approval to ensure their labeling is accurate. This leads to many low-quality brands containing much less CBD than they advertise on packaging. The best way to avoid poor quality CBD is to check for third party lab testing. Leafz ensures that all products are third party lab tested, which means that every product contains exactly what it says it does – and in turn, you get a high-quality Cannabidiol that delivers serious benefits.

Find the Best CBD Sleep Products Online

If you are interest in trying high-quality, third party lab tested CBD products, browse Leafz’ large selection of oils, tinctures, edible, and beyond. Every item is third-party lab tested and contains high quality ingredients so you can experience the power of all-natural CBD.

Want to learn more about other great CBD products? Check out our CBD shopping guide to get more ideas on what to try next based on your preferences.


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