How to Choose the Best CBD Pills

Figuring out how to choose the best CBD pills is not as easy as it might seem. In the past few years, an increasing number of people have turned to cannabidiol (CBD) products seeking relief from anxiety, insomnia, joint pain, and everything in between. Due to its increased popularity, the market to be flooded by new CBD companies and products.

While you can purchase CBD as a tincture, topical, isolate, edible, and more, one of the most popular ways of consuming CBD is in pill form. But with the amount of brands and product options out there, figuring out how to choose the best CBD pills can be an overwhelming experience. To help you find the best CBD supplements on the market, we’ve compiled some tips on how to choose the best CBD pills for your needs.

At Leafz, we’re not only on a mission to make it easier to buy the best CBD pills and hemp products—we’re also trying to help educate our customers by providing accurate information and insights. We strongly believe that access to educational content  is just as important as access to premium CBD and hemp products. So, before jumping into how to choose the best CBD pills, here’s some important preliminary information to keep in mind.

First Things First — What Are CBD Pills?

CBD pills or supplements contain cannabidiol, which is one of the naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant. While more research is needed, studies on the top CBD pills have alluded to a variety of potential health benefits. While some types of CBD products are limited in their usage—like topicals for external spot treatment—CBD pills are used for everything—from improving sleep, soothing pain—to reducing anxiety, and much more.

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How to Choose CBD Pills

The diverse utility of CBD pills is one of the reasons they have become so popular. The growing popularity of CBD pills also stems from the fact that they are convenient to consume, the dosage is consistent, and they don’t have a strong taste. When you’re looking to choose the best CBD pills, there are a few important qualities that will help you differentiate the best from the rest. Ultimately, the best CBD supplements will be both pure and potent but finding those products will take some research. To find the  top CBD pills on the market here is what you should know.

1. Hemp Source and Manufacturing

The best CBD supplements are defined by their pure ingredients and quality manufacturing processes. More than anything else, the quality of the ingredients and the way the CBD pills are made will have the most impact on how you feel and whether you’re getting your money’s worth.

Most CBD companies include information on their packaging or website about where their hemp comes from and whether it is certified organic. While the majority of the world’s hemp comes from China, there is more of an effort by some companies to grow their crops organically and domestically. You should also take note of whether the product is non-GMO and grown without pesticides, herbicides, solvents, or chemical fertilizers. Ultimately, if you want to support American hemp farmers and value non-GMO or organic practices, you’ll be able to narrow down your options for the best CBD supplements.

2. Ingredients

To ensure that you’re consuming only the highest quality products, you’ll need to also do some research into what goes into your CBD pills. The best CBD supplements typically only contain a carrier oil like extra virgin olive oil or MCT oil (coconut derived) and hemp extract. While there are a lot of other ingredients that could be used these are usually fillers that water down the potency of your product. Ultimately, taking note of these factors will help you narrow down your options for the best CBD supplements.

3. Full-Spectrum CBD

You may notice that some companies advertise “full-spectrum” hemp extract in their CBD supplements. “Full-spectrum” CBD products are made with the whole hemp plant that includes hundreds of cannabinoids. When these cannabinoids are combined, it is known as the “entourage effect.” Some people prefer “full-spectrum” CBD pills because the manufacturing process is more sustainable (using the whole plant) and the effects are more holistic.

4. Proof of Third-Party Lab Testing

You might be wondering how CBD companies can prove any of the information they claim about ingredients, quality, manufacturing process, etc. The answer lies in the Certificate of Analysis (COA) from third-party labs. A COA will provide critical information on the quantity of various cannabinoids in the product and possible contaminants like pesticides, or heavy metals. The key here is to make sure the lab who did the test is different from the company itself—making it truly a “third-party.” This is one sure-fire way of determining which brands are producing the top CBD pills.

4. Brand Integrity

Another way to choose the best CBD pills is by researching the brand. While the age of the company is not always an indicator of quality, you might feel more confident choosing products from well-established companies. These companies will usually have more product reviews and information about the integrity of their brand and what they stand for. As we mentioned before, there has been a new wave of CBD companies coming out of the woodwork lately and not all of them are legitimate.

If you’re looking for the best CBD pills for medical reasons, you might also want to take convenience and accessibility into the equation. While you can purchase CBD pills just about anywhere, it is probably wise to do your research online and find a brand that delivers. Fortunately, on, we’ve done that work for you. All of our vendors have been vetted for quality and legitimacy, so you rest assured you’ll only be picking from the top CBD pills. Even better, when you order from, we offer home delivery.

When you are ready to buy, you can depend on Leafz for the best online selection of CBD products, brands, and categories.

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How to Use CBD Pills: Safety Tips

The best CBD supplements will have consistent dosing in each capsule. To find out how many milligrams (mg) of CBD are in each capsule, there should be detailed information on bottle or packaging. Unless your doctor has specified how much CBD you should be taking, it’s always best to start with a low dose (about 5 mg) and work your way up. It’s also always a good idea to track how much CBD you’re taking and how you feel. While the top CBD pills should have a consistent effect, tracking your body’s response will help flag any inconsistencies in your dosage.

Are CBD Pills Legal?

All hemp-derived CBD products are legal throughout the country as long as they contain less than 0.3% THC. When you shop at, you’ll easily find this information in the Certificate of Analysis that goes with every product we sell. Additionally, we vet all of our vendors and products to simplify your shopping experience. We only sell premium hemp-derived CBD products, so that you can shop with confidence knowing that the products you choose are the certified and legal.

Where to Buy CBD Pills

We know that finding the best CBD products–including the top CBD pills on the market–can seem overwhelming. After all, there seems to be new CBD products and brands getting into the industry every day. Fortunately, Leafz is a one-stop shop for all major CBD brands, products, and categories. We’re dedicated to making it easier to shop for only premium, lab tested CBD and hemp products. We believe that with widespread access and accurate information, CBD has the power to improve life, naturally–that’s why we founded Leafz. Learn more about our CBD pills and capsules.

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