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Gift-giving can be a stressful endeavor for everyone. Luckily, your new go-to gift can be Cannabidiol (CBD). Holiday CBD gifts are the perfect presents for hemp rookies and hemp fanatics alike. This year, there are a ton of amazing CBD products available online so you can give the gift of wellness.

CBD Gifts for Every Occasion

Giving your loved ones CBD gifts can transform their health. Adding it to your daily routine has been shown to ease stress, anxiety, and aide plenty of common health issues. Curious of what kind of CBD products are out there? Look no further. Below is your shopping guide to finding the perfect CBD gifts for every occasion.

CBD Gift Buying Guide

Gifts for Category Product How to Choose
Someone Special Edibles CBD Living Gummies Best CBD Edibles
Dogs Pets Puppy Potion Best CBD for Pets
Her Beauty CBD Living Lavender Bath Bomb Best CBD Topicals
Athletes Supplements Serious Rest Capsules Best CBD Pills
Seniors Tinctures Vanilla Tincture Best CBD Tinctures


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CBD Edibles

Edibles like CBD gummies and chocolates are a great choice for anyone who is new to CBD – they’re super tasty and fun for everyone. Edible CBD takes a bit longer to ingest, so this would not be the choice for someone looking for a fast-acting CBD product. Edibles are easy to dose and unintimidating for people who aren’t as familiar with hemp products.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will also love this fun option. Edibles also make an awesome CBD Christmas gift around the holidays. Be sure to check out our guide for choosing the best CBD edibles so you can find the perfect hemp-infused snack.

CBD Topicals

Topicals are the perfect gift for grandparents or elderly individuals with joint and muscle pain. CBD topicals are applied to skin for immediate relief. The active ingredient, Cannabidiol has been shown to have anti-inflammatory properties that soothes aches and pains. Friends with athletic injuries will be super grateful for topicals like CBD transdermal patches, which can be applied directly for easy relief.

Your friend who has a great skin care routine will love the soothing feeling of a CBD topical. Applying a body balm to skin after a shower will have them feeling moisturized and calm. See our guide for choosing the best CBD Topicals.

CBD Gifts for Pets

If you have a friend that’s a dog or cat-lover, get their pet some CBD. Pet CBD products can be extremely beneficial for anxious or high-energy dogs. Opting for some CBD infused dog treats or a Peanut Butter Pet Tincture will change a pet owner’s life – especially when a thunderstorm rolls in. You could also give your own pooch the gift of CBD – just be sure to start all pets with a small dosage, and monitor how they react to their new treats.

Holiday CBD Gifts

Those are just a few of the amazing options for CBD gifts. Now that you have an idea of what type of CBD products are available, you can decide the perfect gift for the next holiday or special occasion. Let’s take a look at some great holiday CBD gifts.

CBD Christmas Gifts

CBD Christmas Gifts and Holiday Presents

Coming up with gift ideas around the holidays can be a bit overwhelming, but if your Secret Santa is new to hemp, a wellness starter pack is a great introductory CBD Christmas gift. Looking for an easy stocking-stuffer? Tinctures are a wonderful way to go. Try giving a family member a choco-mint tincture for a festive-flavored present. It’s never too early to shop for small CBD Christmas gifts like these. CBD also makes great gifts for other holidays and celebrations, like Hanukkah or Birthdays.

CBD Birthday Gifts

CBD is a super easy and thoughtful Birthday gift. Sour gummies, topicals and flavored tinctures will make anyone happy on their special day. If your friend is a hemp-lover, try to get them a nice supply of their favorite product so they’ll be feeling great all year long. If they prefer vaporized hemp, new vape pens and cartridges would do the trick too. Can’t be with your friend on their Birthday? Ordering their CBD gift online allows it to be sent right to their door.

CBD Gifts for Valentine’s Day and Anniversaries

Looking for something sweet to give a significant other? CBD is a fun and romantic gift for anniversaries and celebrations. Try giving your partner a CBD bath bomb so they can spend an evening relaxing in the tub. In need of a Valentine’s gift for this February? CBD candy is a more creative gift than that boring heart-shaped box of chocolates. There are plenty of amazing CBD edibles that your special someone one will definitely enjoy.

Get Well Soon CBD Gifts

Have a friend who is under the weather? Gift them some aromatherapy CBD. Breathing in this CBD combined with essential oils provides soothing stress relief and feels great on the sinuses – it will definitely boost anyone’s mood. Staying hydrated when under the weather is also super important, so giving someone a CBD infused beverage (like a CBD water) is also an awesome option. With so many health and wellness resources, your friend will be feeling better quickly. Want to get extra creative? Put together a small gift basket with some soothing CBD oils, topicals and treats to send.

How to Choose the Perfect Present

Still unsure about what would be the right CBD product for that special someone? It’s pretty hard to go wrong when it comes to all the amazing items on the market right now. Browse through some different categories and see what CBD products you think your loved one will like. CBD is a wonderful way to show someone that you care about their health and wellness, and getting creative with CBD gifts will always be well-received.

CBD gift guide

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Interested in learning more about CBD Christmas gifts? See our CBD Products Buying Guide to find out which CBD products are right for you and your loved ones.

Ready to start shopping? Shop top picks for the holiday season now.

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